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Dudhsagar Plantation

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Grenzenlos die Welt entdecken: Goa (Sat1)

German TV production exploring various facets of life in Goa. We took them on our favourite jungle hike to Tambdi Waterfall deep inside Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park. We regularly organise the hike for our in-house guests.

The Spirited Traveller (FoxLife)

The 'Spirited Traveller' Chef Kiran Jethwa explores the exotic beverages of India. The show unravels the enigmatic culture of India as the Chef travels the length and breadth of the country in search of its unique beverages and delicacies. He's endorsed our signature Jungle Juice, a Goan cocktail based on Urak (a locally made Cashew Liquor).

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Beyond beaches - the hidden gems of rural Goa

A plantation in rural Goa brings back into fashion the basics of good living

Exploring the other side of Goa at Dudhsagar Plantation

If you look at the map of Goa, you will notice there is a lot more to Goa than just the coastline. No doubt the coastline is spectacular but after many visits, San and I decided to visit the eastern part of Goa… or you may call it “the other side of Goa”.

Dudhsagar Spice Plantation – A Farmstay in the Wild!

So I finally did get away this time. Visiting the popular Dudhsagar waterfalls was on my list for long. Although the place is now a touristy one, it’s beautiful and I wanted to go. So I came across Dudhsagar spice plantation when I was looking for some places that I could visit around Dudhsagar, and this is how I coincidently planned this trip on a long weekend.


If you are a fan of nature and forests and everything organic, get away from the coastline and drive into Sanvordem, and then further towards Kulem until you reach Karmane Village. There, where the road ends and the boundary of the Mollem National Park begins, you will find Dudhsagar Plantation – a farm-stay that is removed from the smoke of the cities and the noise of the parties. I had a chance to stay at one of the cottages here last month when monsoon was in full swing. This was perhaps the best way to begin my career as a full-time travel writer.

Offbeat Goa: Dudhsagar Plantation & Farmstay

The sound of chirping birds awakened us on a damp morning in Goa. Lazily walking outside on the verandah of our cottage, we witnessed the spice plantation bathing in warm sunlight. This was the beginning of our love affair with Goa’s spice estate. We had just spent a peaceful night in Goa’s best farm stay accommodation – Dudhsagar Plantation and Farmstay. The plantation also is the perfect hub to explore the surrounding forests of Bhagawan Mahaveer wildlife sanctuary and some waterfalls in it such as the famous Dudhsagar falls and Tambdi Surla Temple & waterfalls.

Dudhsagar Plantation: A Botanical Utopia Hidden in the Jungle of Goa

I had an extraordinary time visiting a real Indian farm in Southeastern Goa. Dudhsagar Plantation is a guesthouse spread on about 50 beautiful acres. They have 5 cottages scattered amongst the agricultural paradise and employ around 14 people. The farm is owned by Doris and Ajit Malkarnekar who started it over 30 years ago.

Perfekt für Naturliebhaber und um in familiärer Atmosphäre ein paar Tage zu entspannen

Das Farmstay ist wirklich der perfekte Ort zum Entspannen. Umgeben von einem wunderschönen Palmengarten und Plantagen, kann man die Stille und die Natur genießen und die vielen verschiedenen Vögel und Schmetterlinge beobachten.

Dudhsagar Plantation - Farm stay to bring people close to the nature

The family run plantation is located in South Goa, at the foothills of the Western Ghats. The plantation promises a great experience to live in the property having a vast variety of fruit bearing trees, spices, medicinal plants, herbs and flowers, which altogether form a vibrant tropical garden. Free range chicken and dairy farming are other attractions.

Why the Dudhsagar region in Goa is much more than just the waterfall

The next day we set off to see the prehistoric rock carvings that are further south, past the famous Salaulim Dam in Usgalimal. Situated on the banks of the Kushavati river, these unusual rock carvings or petroglyphs belong to the Upper Paleolithic era and are apparently over 30,000 years

Tambdi Surla: Forget Beaches, Heard of The Oldest Temple in Goa?

Tambdi Surla was the first of the things that he mentioned. Being a history buff, I got hooked to it as he told me about the connection of this temple with the kingdom that ruled the neighbouring state Karnataka. So, I planned my trip around this south-east region of Goa in this visit.

Offbeat Goa: Tambdi Surla Temple and Waterfall

This ancient temple is surrounded by dense forest of Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary. It is located at the foothills of Anmod Ghat which connects Goa and neighbouring state of Karnataka. A small trek from the temple takes you to the majestic Tambdi Surla waterfall. Both the temple and waterfall are a perfect balance between nature and beauty.

Offbeat Goa: Dudhsagar Falls

After the shooting scenes of famous Bollywood movie ‘Chennai Express’ at Dudhsagar Falls, it has become very popular and is often a part of the to-visit list of tourists willing to travel to offbeat Goa. Considered among the highest waterfalls in India, Dudhsagar waterfalls is particularly unique and spectacular due to a railway track that cuts right through the middle of the falls.

7 Fabulous Farmstays in India That Allow You to Learn Organic Farming While Vacationing!

While India may still be called an agricultural country, a vast number of urban dwellers have little or no exposure to life in a farm. With the rise of sustainable tourism, a number of properties have emerged around the country that offer an authentic experience of living, and even working, in the farm. Here are seven of our favourite Indian farmstays.

India’s Most Stunning Farmstays to Unwind

Enjoy lovely home-cooked Indian food, watch the ongoing agricultural activities and pluck fruits of the season. Enjoy early morning walks, read a book on your veranda or cool down in the nearby river. Some day trips can be made as well to Palolem Beach, or visit famous Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Veranda of Family Cottage

17 Farmstays in India to Get Back to Nature

The farmstay’s stunning swimming pool is the perfect place to laze around if you don’t feel like doing anything. Otherwise, take a walk through the plantation and swim in a nearby sparkling river. Go in the monsoon season for a natural fish foot spa in the river!


11 Cultural Things to Do in Goa Beyond the Beaches and Bars

"Most people head to Goa for the beaches and bars, and end up overlooking the state's compelling cultural heritage. Goa was actually a Portuguese province for more than 450 years, up until 1961 when the Indian government carried out a military operation to reclaim it. This lengthy period of Portuguese occupation has left a pervasive legacy, from architecture to cuisine. These things to do in Goa focus on experiencing it, and more." writes Sharrel Cook.

The Telegraph - Fun at the farm

It’s all about reconnecting with rural India and getting away from it all at farm-stays from Punjab to Kerala, says Anupma Mishra.

Dudhsagar Plantation
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