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Dudhsagar farmstay

Enjoy Birding

the diverse landscape with natural forest and waterbodies attracts over 60 bird species to the property

strategically located on the fringe of Bhagwan mahaveer wildlife sanctuary

The Plantation: it’s teeming with birds and butterflies. Find them along our nature trail, in the plantation, adjacent forests or by the riverside.

Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary: with it’s high biodiversity and water sources, the park is teeming with birds, sightings of over 230 species are recorded on ebirds.

Tambdi Surla temple and surrounding forest : a birding hotspot within Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary known for the elusive Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher.

A selection of birds that were spotted
at Dudhsagar plantation

other popular birding spots in close proximity

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is only a short drive away. The sanctuary is located on a ridge top and is popular among birders. Around 260 species have been recorded on ebirds.

The lakes near Chandor (Raitollem Lake) and Curtorim (Curtorim Church Lake, Maina Raia Wetlands) offer opportunities for birding in a wetland environment.

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“The plantation is a fascinating place with so much to see and hear, many birds and much fauna. If you like walking/exploring, this is the place.” – Ermine Lincs/United Kingdom

“The farm has a diversity of flora and is great for birders. Don’t miss the nature trail within the farm.” – Hubert Saldanha/India

“Most amazing was the trek through Bhagwan Mahaveer nature reserve to the Tambdi Waterfall. It was great to be able to go off the beaten track away from tourists.  A fantastic 4 day long ‘piece of heaven’!” – Katherine/United Kingdom